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Citrus and Melon



Citrus and Melon

Mango and I came from an outside aviary of 9 other birds so we are very shy around humans. But we sure are pretty. I am a bit more social whereas Mango is more shy and will hide in the hidey hut. We are good eaters and like the mash that our foster mom’s make. It is yummy and they will give you the recipe if you ask when you adopt us.

​We like cardboard toys but only certain kinds. We have a tendency to chew the cords that attach the toys to our cage however so frequently they can be found on the cage floor. We are very bonded and like to spend a lot of time together chit chatting away. We would love to include you in our conversations.

Updated from the foster home 07/11/21: Citrus and Melon are still looking for their forever home! They decided to explore the house a little bit more today and wound up in my personal birds' bedroom. Melon actually posed for a few photos! (Usually she's a bit scared if I get too close with the phone). They didn't want to leave so I had to push their flight cage in there to get them in for the night lol.
These little cuties may not be hand tame, but they are so fun to watch and listen to! And pretty easy to care for. They'd be perfect for a home just wanting the company, with owners who aren't wanting to carry a velcro bird around all day. With more time, patience and millet I think they may learn to shoulder. We haven't seen any sexual behavior between these two, they just love to cuddle with one another and fly around together; I suspect they are family members, so there doesn't seem to be a risk of ending up with lovie babies. 💜


Citrus and Melon


Age or hatch date:




Best qualities:

They are fun to watch

Favorite food:

They are not picky

Favorite toys:


Dowel or step-up trained:

Working on it


Hand shy


Cute chirps

Health issues:


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Gets along with dogs:


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